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TV Internet Phone
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Plus tax and equipment

Bright House Cable Bundle Deals

Bright House Bundle Plan Features Specials Price
Brighthouse Digital Combo Plus:
Digital TV + Internet + Home Phone
Bright House Cable TVBright House InternetBright House Phone
  • TV with 275+ all-digital cable channels
  • Home Phone with unlimited nationwide calling
  • Road Runner Standard with speeds up to 10Mbps
Bright House Promotions $129.00/mo
per month

Plus tax and equipment
First 12 Months
You save $30.00/mo!

Bundle and Save with Bright House Cable Specials

Bright House Bundle SpecialsBright House offers the special discounts when products are bundled together. Get access to popular entertainment at a huge discount when you bundle Digital TV, Home Phone Service and High Speed Internet into a package with two or three services. When you are ready for advanced digital cable Television, amazingly fast Internet, and reliable home phone service, then Bright House Networks is the company you can rely on. Their mission in life is to provide top notch, friendly customer care that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Bright House Networks offers the best communications products, the lowest prices, and the highest quality customer service.

Bright House Services
  • Digital TV: Hundreds of choices plus up to 100 free HD channels
  • High Speed Internet: Road Runner Turbo with super-fast downloads
  • Home Phone: Many popular features and Unlimited Nationwide calling

Experience Bright House TV Deals

Bright House Cable TV DealsBe amazed with Cable TV entertainment that seems life-like with Bright House Networks Digital TV. With a variety of channel line-ups, your TV has become your control center providing the movies, sports and family favorites designed for your own preferences. See true-to-life clarity with HDTV taking advantage of Free HD from Bright House Networks. With On Demand, movies and shows that interest you are available to watch whenever you want. All that Sports enthusiasts need is Bright House Networks and a TV to enjoy up close action in amazing detail. Also, Movie buffs can access exclusive programming from premium networks like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, and more. In addition, Bright House provides family-friendly shows the entire family can watch.

  • Up to 275 channels available - favorite TV programming, and music channels
  • The best networks in high quality picture & sound
  • FREE installation

Get Road Runner High Speed Internet Promotions from Bright House

Bright House Internet PromotionsBright House Networks delivers incredibly fast speeds with Road Runner Turbo or upgrade to Road Runner Lightning. Get Wireless Networking in your house so multiple users can be on the Internet at the same time. Cruise onto the super highway online with Road Runner High Speed Internet promotions brought to you by Bright House Networks. Just pick the speed you want and surf the web using High Speed Internet now!

  • Selection of speeds up to 40 Mbps
  • Always-on Internet connection
  • Use Up to 25 email accounts

Dial Into Phone Specials from Bright House

Bright House Phone SpecialsBright House Networks offers an unlimited calling Home Phone with exclusive, free features like Caller ID on your computer that keeps you in touch with your phone when you are away from home, and without all the added fees like you get from the telephone companies. With the unlimited Home Phone calling plan, call anyone anytime, any place, across town or across the country and use existing handsets, and even your current phone number. Take advantage of International Long Distance calling plans to stay in contact with people in different countries.

  • Calling Plan Options to Customize Your Own Service
  • Proven Reliability and Best Rated Call Clarity
  • International Long Distance Plans
  • Enhanced 911 with Automatic House Address Submission
  • Calling Features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling
  • Caller ID Everywhere – on the phone and the PC
  • Enhanced Voice Mail That Can Be Accessed from Anywhere


Bright House Television

Digital Cable with 275+ Channels

Bright House Cable TV Deals
Up to 275 channels
Top networks in Crystal Clear Quality
Offer available for new customers
Starting at
per month

Bright House Digital TV Plan

Bright House TV Plan Features Specials Price
Brighthouse Digital Cable TV
Bright House Cable TV
  • Up to 275 channels
  • Offer available for new residential customers only
  • Includes free “standard” cable on additional TV outlets
Bright House Promotions $65.00/mo
per month

Plus tax and equipment
First 6 Months
You save $25.01/mo!

Make Your TV Come to Life with Bright House

Bright House Cable TV SpecialsBright House Networks Digital TV offers something for everyone, because there are so many choices for programming, movies, sports and family favorites. Want to feel powerful? Digital TV from Bright House Networks makes you the master of your entertainment. You’ve got the power to watch movies, episodes and events On Demand. Pause, rewind and fast forward TV shows already in progress, and even record programs to watch later.

  • Up to 275 channels - the most popular lineups, including dozens of music channels
  • Top-rated networks with the best picture & sound quality
  • FREE installation

Take Command with a Whole House DVR from Bright House

Bright House Cable DVREquip your TV with a Bright House Networks cable box or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to watch TV on your own terms. You can start, stop, rewind or record TV shows and movies even while you're watching them. Get the Whole House DVR so you can record a show in one room and play them on any other TV in any other room. This is perfect if you want to be able to access recordings in any room in the house. Keep in mind, Bright House allows you to have many Whole House DVR’s, so you can record 16 HD channels at the same time, and to store 480 hours of HD material. It's simple enough for anyone in the house to use.

Just select options and the DVR does all the work. You can record:
  • Single episodes
  • New episodes only, not repeats
  • Episodes on a specific channel or at a specific time
  • All episodes in a series anytime

Bright House has all the TV Features you could want

  • On Demand Let's You Watch Anything Whenever You Want
    If you're busy, or not home when your favorite shows are playing, then this is perfect for you. With On Demand from Bright House Networks, you can choose from thousands of movies, shows, specials and music on demand, so you’ll never be late or miss a thing on TV.
  • Interactive TV Guide Let's You Find It Easily
    Easy-to-use interactive navigator for everything on TV. Control and explore what’s on Television easier than ever with this simple interactive TV guide. Entertainment is available at the touch of a button.
  • A DVR from Bright House Makes You the Master of Ceremonies
    Be a control freak and pause, start, rewind, and record stuff with the powerful DVR from Bright House. Record movies, special events, or primetime shows, and watch them at your liesure.
  • Manage Your DVR Even When You're Not Home
    Today's technology allows you to manage your DVR, even away from home. The Remote DVR Manager can view channels, schedule recordings and manage the programs list from any computer, and also from a mobile smartphone or tablet.
  • Start Over If You Missed the Beginning
    This is handy when you caught a show after it already started, or just want to watch something over again from the beginning. Start Over lets you restart live shows even if it's already running, so you can be late for TV all you want.
  • Caller ID on TV So You Don't Have to Stop Watching TV
    If you have Bright House Phone service, this let's you see who’s trying to call right on your TV screen. The caller’s name and number shows on the TV when it's on, and then you can decide if you want to get the phone, or keep watching the movie.
  • Parental Controls Allow You To Control Access
    There are lots of material that may not be appropriate for certain members of the family, especially children. So you can block certain channels and content you feel is too mature to allow access to and keep everyone protected.


Bright House Internet Deals

Road Runner High Speed Internet

Bright House Internet Deals
Super Fast Download Speeds
Great for music, videos and gaming
Dedicated 24/7 Customer Service
Starting at
per month

Road Runner High Speed Internet

Bright House Internet Plan Features Specials Price
Road Runner High Speed Internet
Bright House Internet
  • Download speeds up to 10Mbps
  • Great for streaming music, videos and online gaming
  • Offer available for new residential customers only
Bright House Promotions $51.00/mo
per month

Plus tax and equipment
First 6 Months
You save $21.01/mo!
Road Runner Internet

Blast Off with Road Runner Internet from Bright House!

Road Runner High Speed Internet, offered by Bright House Networks, is a lot faster than other internet service providers, empowering you to get things done at lightning speed. Hook up your computer and other devices to the internet with a Bright House cable modem, and watch what Road Runner High Speed Internet can do. There’s no contract or need to buy any equipment. Just decide what speed is right for you and blast off online today.

  • Choose from speeds up to 40 Mbps
  • Always-on, reliable Internet connection
  • Get Up to 25 email accounts

You Can Upgrade Your Internet Speed from Bright House

Current Road Runner Standard Internet customers at 10 Mbps can increase their Internet connection speed to Turbo at 20 Mbps with Powerboost™ and upload and download in no time flat! Upgrading to Lightning speed will increase download speeds up to 40 Mbps.

Whether you have download speeds of 10 Mbps or 40 Mbps, you won't have trouble downloading files, movies, and music quickly, when you use Road Runner. You can even download movies in HD resolution and play games without buffer time. And multiple people can access the internet at once. It's like having a high-speed internet connection for each person.

Bright House Customers benefit from many extras and options with their High Speed Internet service

  • PowerBoost™
    PowerBoost™ provides even more speed when you need it most, making every task online a breeze. PowerBoost™ automatically adds extra power to help download large files for Road Runner Turbo and Turbo Plus customers. Powerboost provides short bursts of internet speed when needed the most, so downloading is faster, online gamers can wreak more havoc, and video streaming has less lag time.
  • Wireless Hot Spots
    Bright House Networks partners with many businesses to provide Wireless Hot Spots for customers to access the internet while on the go. Enjoy this extra perk that gives you online access while at many places around town, and it’s free for Road Runner High Speed Internet customers.
  • Add a Wireless Internet Network From Bright House
    When you connect a wireless router to your cable modem you can untether yourself and receive Internet throughout the house with wireless Home Networking provided by Bright House Networks, available for a low monthly cost.

Bright House SpecialsThe best thing you can do when choosing Road Runner High-Speed Internet from Bright House is bundling it together with other services, like Cable Television and Home Phone. Cutting edge high speed Internet service from Bright House can make your life easier, and discounted service bundles like Digital Combo Plus allow you to save a lot of time and money.

Additional Information for Bright House Road Runner Internet

DSL claim is based on Road Runner's maximum download speed for each tier versus AT&T's 'DSL Express' package with a maximum download speed of 1.5 Mbps. Actual speeds may vary. PowerBoost requires a subscription to Road Runner Turbo. PowerBoost provides a short burst of download speed when capacity is available above the customer’s provisioned download speeds. Service then reverts to the provisioned speed for the remainder of the download. Many factors affect speeds, including network capacity when requests are made so actual speeds will vary. PowerBoost is a registered trademark of Comcast Corporation and is used with permission.


Bright House Home Phone

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling

Bright House Phone Deals
Unlimited Long Distance Calling
Highest Rated Call Clarity
Includes Popular Calling Features
Starting at
per month

Home Phone Service from Bright House

Bright House Phone Plan Features Specials Price
Brighthouse Home Phone: Unlimited
Bright House Phone
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 3 popular calling features included
  • Offer available for new residential customers only
Starting at
$49.95 per month
Plus tax and equipment

Reliable and Affordable Home Phone from Bright House

Bright House Phone ServiceYou don't have to count minutes with Bright House Phone service. Call anytime and talk as long as you want. Start with the Unlimited Nationwide Calling plan that lets you call anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Also, with the international calling plans, you can keep in touch with relatives and friends in 60+ countries with 100 minutes of anytime calling for one low monthly price. Bright House Networks provides a proven reliable home phone with exclusive free features like Caller ID on PC that keep you in touch with your home phone anywhere you are, and without all the extra fees you get from the telephone company. Keep your current home phone handsets, existing outlets and even your current phone number. Add Bright Connection International Calling to access the world.

Popular Calling Features from Bright House Phone

Enjoy built-in value with many of your favorite calling features included, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling. Plus you can use enhanced features such as Caller ID on computer screen and TV, Enhanced Voice Mail, Easy Gadget and Home Phone Online Tools. New features now available include Remote Access Unconditional Call Forwarding, Selective Call Blocking and Selective Call Forwarding.

Bright House Phone
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID on TV
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting ID
  • Enhanced 911
  • Caller ID on PC and Lots More
  • Home Phone Online Tools
  • International call block (Additional Charge Blocking)
  • Caller ID to Mobile
  • Free Online Directory Search
  • Remote Access Unconditional Call Forwarding
  • Selective Call Blocking
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Speed Dial
  • Repeat Dialing (*66)
  • Anonymous Call Reject (*77)
  • Caller ID block (*67)
  • Call return (*69)
  • Cancel call waiting (*70)
  • 611 Customer Support
  • Click-to-call
  • Call details (call log)
  • Remote call forwarding
  • Click-to-text

Additional features like voice mail, visual voice mail, voice mail to email and text, additional lines, enhanced 411 directory, and international long distance options, can be added a la carte for a small extra fee.

Bright House Networks Disclaimer

The promotional rates quoted are good for the initial time period designated. Prices exclude taxes & government fees. Additional levels of service available. For new residential customers in serviceable areas only. Certain restrictions may apply. For more details enter your address to see deals for Bright House.

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