UFC Pay-Per-View on DISH

Pay-Per-View on DISH Network offers great TV viewing from hit movies to World Championship Boxing, and with concerts, comedy and a vast array of sporting events throughout the year, there is something for everyone when you order Pay-Per-View on DISH. Now DISH brings you a Pay-Per-View package that is any UFC fan’s dream–the 2012 UFC® Six-Pack, which allows you to catch every UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event from February 4 to June 16—a total of six events for the price of five!

Pay Per View on DISHWhen you order the UFC® Six-Pack on DISH Pay-Per-View, you will also receive a free UFC® Fist t-shirt, and your name will be entered to win a trip to Las Vegas for the UFC® 149. Your  XL UFC® t-shirt will be shipped to you  after the UFC® 143, which features Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit for the Interim UFC® Welterweight Title at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 4 at 10:00 p.m. EST. The co-featured bout pits Josh Koscheck against Mike Pierce.

Why Order UFC® on DISH Pay-Per-View?

UFC® events have become extremely popular over the last twenty years. The first UFC® held in 1993 in Denver sold only 2,800 tickets, and 86,000 people ordered it on various pay-per-view providers. Now, UFC® fights always sell out large arenas that seat as many as 20,000 people, and over one million people purchase pay-per-view UFC® fights. With DISH high definition pay-per-view, you will feel like you’re ringside for the thrilling UFC® bouts.

If you’ve never seen a UFC® match, you are missing out as this MMA promotion company is the largest in the world and hosts the top-ranked fighters from around the globe. UFC® competitors battle it out in an octagon-shaped ring for a maximum of five rounds that last no longer than five minutes each. There is a one-minute rest period between the rounds. There are eight weight classes from flyweight (125 pounds) up to heavyweight (265 pounds), and fighters must wear approved shorts and no shoes; they must also use approved regulation gloves with at least one inch of padding around the knuckles. Matches end in one of the following ways:

Submission: One fighter verbally submits, taps the mat or his opponent to declare he is accepting defeat. If a fighter loses consciousness or has suffered a serious injury, a “technical submission” may be called by the referee.
Knockout: A fighter wins by knocking his opponent into unconsciousness with any legal blow.
Technical Knockout (TKO): A referee can declare a TKO if he feels one fighter cannot continue. A ringside doctor can decide it’s unsafe for one fighter to continue, and a fighter’s corner team can signal the referee that his fighter cannot continue the match.
Judges’ Decision: Based on the judges’ scores, a fight can end in a variety decisions: unanimous decision, majority decision, split decision, unanimous draw, majority draw or split draw.

Pay-per-view on DISH offers the UFC® Six-Pack for $224.99 for standard definition and only $274.99 for high definition, and you can order now on the DISH website by logging in with your online id or creating one for this special pay-per-view DISH event. You can also see many other MMA and UFC events, like the upcoming UFC 142 featuring Aldo vs. Mendes on DISH Pay- Per- View.

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