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XFINITY is a Comcast Corp. registered trademark

XFINITY phone deals are Awesome!

Why XFINITY phone deals?

With an XFINITY phone deal, you get visual voicemail, digital voicemail, mobile voicemail, text from home and of course all the features you have come to expect from XFINITY phone deals such as:

Phone Caller ID

TV caller ID

Call forwarding

Keep your old phone number

Clear signal

Nationwide calling

International packages available

XFINITY phone deals will save you money too. Talk for as little as $20 a month! If you have a cell phone just so you can text, now you can text from home with any XFINITY phone deal.

Text from home with XFINITY Phone deals
XFINITY Phone deals install in minutes!

Can I install XFINITY phone deals myself?

Yes, absolutely. All XFINITY phone deals are simple and easy to install. You can be up and running within minutes. This helpful video shows you how to install any XFINITY phone deal yourself.

Talk for just $20 a Month!

Read your voicemail on your phone, Ipad, computer or TV

XFINITY phone deals visual voicemail
XFINITY Phone deals X1 voicemail
XFINITY Phone deals mobile voicemail